Best Burgers in Albuquerque

The burger is hands down a staple in most American’s diets.  The art of perfecting the ideal burger has become an American past time.  Whether you are preparing a Southwest style burger or perfecting it gourmet style, there are many different options to suit your specific burger craving.  Here is a list of the top 5 different burger choices I personally enjoy here in Albuquerque that harness their own style and taste.

1. Five Star: Five Star continues to impress simply by the burger itself, both the way it is prepared as well as the beef itself.  Although everyone’s plate looks delicious, the Taos Burger is what I get every time.  Black angus burger, Fried Green Chile, Melted Cheese and BBQ sauce, enough said!

2. Frontier:  The Frontier burger is definitely a taste to be reckoned with if Southwest taste is being discussed.  The fire roasted green chili and gooey cheese compliment the shredded lettuce.  The garnish and presentation of the burger itself have a definitive Southwestern style and I know why this burger is a local favorite.

3. Lumpy’s :  Lumpy’s creates a text book old fashioned burger.  The taste is impeccable and the presentation goes along with the theme of the restaurant itself.  The double cheeseburger with green chili packs a punch of flavor and is an affordable choice for all.

4. Blake’s:  One of the oldest burger joints in New Mexico, Blake’s Lotaburger has the credentials and the recipe to success.  With over 72 locations across the state finding a spicy double cheeseburger should not be a problem.  With an oversized bun, fresh grilled patty, and spicy green chili, the Lotaburger has the experience to be a top five burger.

5. Rex’s Hamburgers:  Another great choice for an old fashioned hamburger that has some Southwest flair.  Rex’s is a definition hole in the wall choice that packs a fresh kick.  The potato squares are also a unique choice of side that compliments well the burger.  If you are feeling brave, go ahead and try the Beavis Burger.