Best place to eat and hang out in Placitas, New Mexico

Located just two miles off I-25 (east on 165 at exit 242) in the far eastern corner of Homestead Village, Placitas Café has to be the best place to eat and hang out in Placitas, N.M. Their corner location affords lovely mountain views from the patio.

Best place to eat and hang out in Placitas, New Mexico bar imageIn fact, the Sunday morning I was there, a painter was working on a canvas a few feet from Placitas Café’s patrons enjoying breakfast in the outdoor seating area. A dog on a leash kept his owners company on the patio while they lingered over their breakfast. Pretty flowers bloomed in pots, and the art gallery next door was setting up for the day. Placitas Café is just the kind of restaurant I wish I had in my own neighborhood! If I lived nearby, this would be a regular weekend hangout.

Step inside the best place to eat and hang out in Placitas

Inside Placitas Cafe, I found a comfortable cafe with cute wall hangings — whimsical and quite humorous. Customers are encouraged to help themselves to coffee — the cups are in the drawers of the antique sideboard. Newspapers and magazines are available for guests to peruse over their morning coffee. And the menu is as cute as the restaurant. Three kinds of service are offered: Good, Cheap, and Fast (guests are allowed to choose just two). Breakfast is served from 8 a.m.-1:59 p.m. As you might imagine, the owner is a happy soul who clearly enjoys his work – and the friendly bantering with almost everyone who walked through the door – many obviously regular customers — never stopped.

Well-prepared food and friendly service

Best place to eat and hang out in Placitas, N.M. patio imageI was happy to see many New Mexican dishes on the menu at Placitas Cafe, with a complete list of add-ons including red and green chile. My breakfast was very tasty – eggs done perfectly to order, ham nicely browned, toast well-buttered (not overloaded). And the papitas were crispy and flavorful, just the way I like them. Lunch includes salads, sandwiches, and Snackies, including Special Green BeansPulled Pork (on Fridays), Organic Spring Mix Salads and seven vegetarian offerings. Even footlong hotdogs can be found at the best place to eat and hang out in Placitas. I discovered one thing I’ve never seen on any menu anywhere – an Ol’ Yak Burger (organic yak) – along with an admonition that this meat is very lean and takes longer to cook than most. Buffalo is available as well.

Kid’s food and libations for grown-ups

Families are welcome at Placitas Café, and they offer several items on the kids’ menu, including a “Hangleburger,” which I was told was the owner’s unique childhood pronunciation for “hamburger.”

Except on Sundays, patrons enjoy wines by the glass or bottle, microbrews, domestic beers, and beer on tap. Featured labels include Blue Paggle, Alien, 1554, Guinness, and Bass.

The buttermilk pie alone is worth a trip to Placitas Café

Best place to eat and hang out in Placitas, New Mexico buttermilk pie imageMy visit to the best place to eat and hang out in Placitas ended on a sweet note. The owner’s brother, who was waiting tables this particular Sunday morning, brought me a complimentary slice of Dad’s Buttermilk Pie when he presented the check. Even though I’d just finished breakfast, I dove in and thoroughly enjoyed every last bit of this absolutely scrumptious slice of goodness — delicately sweet and moist, with just a hint of spice and a lingering aftertaste of Guinness. If you’re anywhere near Placitas, make a point of stopping at Placitas Café for a piece of this pie. I was told the owner’s grandfather brought the recipe to the U.S. all the way from Tipperary, Ireland. I’m so grateful for that!

I can’t say it enough — this is a very cute place – friendly and humorous with lovely mountain views. Last Sunday I left Placitas Café with a smile on my face that lasted all morning. I’m sure of this: you’ll most definitely want to visit the best place to eat and hang out in Placitas!

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