Paddy Rawal's 'OM'- Fine Indian Dining

logo-40695-69-paddy om fine dining OM Fine Indian Dining prides itself on offering superior taste and flavor. With each mouthwatering bite, guests can distinguish and savor the finest spices and the freshest herbs. In addition to his Northern Indian fare, chef Paddy Rawal offers dishes that incorporate local Southwest elements. Raaga’s menu includes vegetarian and vegan options as well as meat and seafood choices. All can be ordered mild, medium or hot to please any palate.

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Where is Paddy Rawal's 'OM'- Fine Indian Dining?

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Phone Number (505) 899-4423
Address 7520 4th Street NW
Albuquerque, NM 87107,

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The OM menu offers an exciting culinary journey into superior taste and flavor, into subtle nuances and exotic complexity, into delicate spice blends and rich, creamy sauces. All dishes can be ordered mild, medium, hot, hell or any variation thereof (medium plus for example). A daily lunch buffet–at a ridiculously low price considering the quality–features various vegetarian, vegan and meat dishes as well as rice, salad, naan and dessert. Now if you’re sniggering at the seemingly contradictory notion of a fine dining restaurant offering a buffet, you’ll salute Paddy’s prowess at making all-you-can-eat a sublime offering. With a menu that showcases vegetarian and vegan options as well as seafood and meat entrees, there truly is something for everyone at OM.

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